How to become royalty in BitLife

The royal life for you.

Image via Candywriter

The royal life of becoming a ruler can feel like a tedious role, but many benefits come with it. For those who wish to become royalty in BitLife, there are several methods for you to accomplish this. If you’re trying to turn your character into royalty, you want to make sure you’re doing it from the correct country. Not every location in the world has a line of royalty, so if you’re struggling to reach it, the answer could be starting a character in a new part of the world. These are all of the countries that have royalty in BitLife.

Be born to royalty

The quickest way to find your character entering royalty is to be born into it. Whenever you make a new character in one of the countries that feature royalty, there’s a slight chance your character is born into a line of royalty as the youngest member. Your parents, and any siblings you have, will also be royalty, and you’ll have to wait until your character has become old enough to accept responsibilities on behalf of the royal line.

If you want it to happen faster, you could potentially have your parents and siblings, killed so you are the sole member, and all of the benefits go to you. Attempting to murder your parents and siblings is extremely risky, though.

Marry into royalty

The other method is to marry into royalty. When looking for love in another country using a dating app, or if you’re famous and you encounter a member of the royal family in a random encounter, the two of you can hit it off and eventually marry. It’s an excellent way to enter the family, but it’s not exactly a secure way to remain in it. We’ve found that if you and your spouse are divorced from each other, you’ll lose the royalty rights, and you’re back on the streets.

When you marry into royalty, you’re primarily doing it for your children. It gives them a legitimate chance to move up through the ranks of royalty once you and your spouse pass on.

Of the two choices, we’ve found it’s a bit easier to manage to have your character be born into royalty. You have far more chance to receive additional authority in this role, and it lasts significantly longer.