How to become the mayor of Wakanda in BitLife

Become the leader they need.


For those attempting to complete the BitLife Black Panther Challenge in the game and have the game on your iPhone, you’ll have a requirement that wants you to become the mayor of Wakanda. If you’ve watched any Marvel movies, this feels a bit off because Wakanda is not a city. It’s a country. With the name of the location being a city, do you have to find it in the game?

The answer is a lot easier. All you have to do is become a mayor of a town and change the name of it. You can do this when working your way up your location’s political hierarchy, winning the election against your opponent, and assuming office. After that, you’ll have the option to take care of your citizens and decide what’s best for them, and for this challenge, it’s to change the city’s name to Wakanda.

Once you’ve done that and completed the Black Panther Challenge’s other requirements, there will be a pop-up notifying you that you completed it. Make sure to assume control of your second-generation male child early so you can guide them on the political path to becoming mayor. It’s a bit harder to do when they’re older, especially if they don’t have the best stats.