How to bind Survivors with a possessed chain as The Cenobite in Dead by Daylight

Don’t waste the pain.


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The Cenobite is one of the most difficult Killers to master in Dead by Daylight. Its powers are taken directly from the Hellraiser movies and, as you’d expect from such complex source material, it takes a level of understanding to get your head around the best way to use them. This guide explains how to bind Survivors using the possessed chain as The Cenobite, so you can hunt your prey more effectively.

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How do you bind Survivors with a possessed chain?

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To bind Survivors with a possessed chain, you need to summon one by holding the ranged attack button to open a gateway. The longer you hold this button, the further away the portal will move. When you release the button, your view will teleport to the gateway, where you can look around to find Survivors. When you see one, press the attack button to throw out a possessed chain that you can control. If you hit a Survivor, they will become bound and must struggle to escape the possessed chain.

How to hit more Survivors with the possessed chain

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Based on our testing, it seems as though Survivors can’t tell where the gateway The Cenobite creates spawns. This allows you the unique opportunity to hide away from a hooked Survivor and spawn a gateway much closer. Survivors are cocky and want to help each other, which you can use to your advantage by binding them with the possessed hook once they’re too close. This isn’t always possible because Survivors move quickly, but you can definitely get more of them with this method. We also found that using the possessed chain as Survivors ran away or vaulted over something slowed them down enough for us to catch them and hit them with an attack. Think of how you can use the possessed chain in every chase, and you’ll no doubt catch more Survivors than escape you.