How to build a silo in Dinkum

Feed farm animals in far less time with a silo on the farm.

Image via James Bendon

The life of a farmer in Dinkum is far from easy. Between cultivating crops, caring for cattle, fishing, foresting, and whatever other side-hustles the island presents, the duties and responsibilities of the player can become costly in terms of both time and energy. Building and upgrading certain farm facilities, such as the silo, can substantially cut down on activity time, freeing players up to tackle other challenges.

Building a silo

Screenshot by Gamepur

A silo can store animal feed on the farm, where it will automatically dispense a full day’s worth of food to each animal once daily. On farms with higher numbers of livestock, investing in a silo can save upward of an hour’s time spent manually passing out feed per day. It truly is an investment, as assembling a silo poses its own complex logistical challenges.

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Before players can even attempt to craft a silo, they must first find its unique crafting recipe. Most recipes are either discovered through story quest progression or earned after receiving a related license. As silos are related to farming, a silo crafting recipe will be rewarded to players upon leveling their Farming License a few times.

While learning how to build the silo is half of the challenge, the other half consists of gathering the heaps of building supplies required to do so. The following resources are required to craft a silo.

  • Cement Bag (10)
  • Iron Bar (5)
  • Quartz Crystal (8)
  • Stone (25)
  • Tin Sheet (15)

All of these materials can be obtained from early-game mining, which requires some degree of quarrying with a Mining License of level one or higher. Some of the items on this list will require on-site processing, such as the milling of stone into cement bags on a stone grinder, or smelting of iron and tin in a furnace of any type.

Fortunately, the act of crafting this silo is very simplified once its respective shopping list has been fulfilled. Silos, along with virtually any other item that is crafted from a recipe, can be assembled at the default crafting table that comes with the base tent.