How to build Chemtech Mutants in Teamfight Tactics (TFT) Set 6

Turn everyone who faces you into Cho’Gath snacks

Image via Riot Games

Who doesn’t love a Teamfight Tactics (TFT) build based on Gold units and making your opponents suffer? Chemtech Mutants is a brutal build that relies somewhat on chance and your champions eating the enemy alive. So, here’s how to make your Chemtech Mutants hurt the worst.

The units

Get ready for many apostrophes because a lot of these units come from the mythical Void, and you always get an apostrophe there. So, when building your Chemtech Mutants, the units you care the most about will be Kog’Maw, Cho’Gath, Malzahar, Zac, Dr. Mundo, Kai’Sa, and Viktor.

The buffs

The concept of this build is an insanely tanky front-line with unique powers and a very, very burst-y backline. So, these are the buffs that make that happen:

  • 5 Mutants: All 5 Mutants gain random bonuses that are different with each game.
  • 3 Chemtech: When Chemtech units’ health drops below 75%, they gain 75% damage reduction, 50% attack speed, and regain 4% of their maximum health per second, and this effect lasts 4 seconds.
  • 3 Bruiser: Everyone on the team gains 125 bonus health, and Bruisers gain double that (250 health).
  • 2 Arcanist: The entire team gains 20% more Ability Power.

The items

Your carry units, or at least the most important ones in your line-up, will always be Cho’Gath and Malzahar. If you can make them Gold units, but at the very least try to get these effective items on them. For Cho’Gath, he’s a typical tank who feeds on his enemies. He needs a Gargoyle’s Stoneplate, Sunfire Cape, and Warmog’s Armor to make him even more formidable (though a rare Hextech Gunblade could also be very potent on him). Malzahar, meanwhile, is all magic. His power afflicts enemies by making them lose magic resistance and eating away at their health. Give him a Blue Buff, Hextech Gunblade, and Jeweled Gauntlet, and his ultimate power will be more frequent, more potent, and even heal him.

The positioning

This build does a sort of hybrid of “The Spread” and “The Corner” positions. Zac, Cho’Gath, and Dr. Mundo are spread out in the front with a Kog’Maw in the bottom left. However, in the right corner, Malzahar is the furthest back, with Kai’Sa and Viktor surrounding him. It spreads your front line to block as much as possible but then has your powerhouses furthest from the fray. Do note, though, that in the face of Assassins or a Blitzcrank, this positioning will need adjustment. We can’t have Blitzcrank sniping Malzahar or Shaco stabbing in the back, can we?

The playstyle

To play Chemtech Mutants is a little complicated. It’s not a Fast 8 kind of build, but a Fast 6 would be beneficial to get you to the 3-cost units (Cho’Gath and Malzahar) quicker since you want to get golds out of those. Then, you can slow roll your way through level 6 to have your best shot to achieve the Gold Cho or Mal, then get back to saving once you hit level 7 (or at least one of them, preferably Malzahar, is gold). Then you keep your gold high so you can get to level 8 and hopefully snap up Viktor and Kai’Sa. 

Best augments

Chemtechs, Mutants, and Arcanists have some of the most powerful Hextech Augments in the game, helping shield them, explode them, or make their mutations all the more potent. So, keep your eyes peeled for these while playing:

  • Chemtech Overload 1
  • Chemtech Heart
  • Chemtech Overload II
  • Element X
  • Instant Injection
  • Chemtech Overload III
  • Chemtech Soul
  • Mutant Heart
  • Unstable Evolution
  • Experiment 13-37
  • Mutant Soul
  • Shrug It Off
  • Runic Shield II
  • Spell Blade
  • Runic Shield III