How to burgle a home and rob it in BitLife

Someone left the door unlocked.


Image via Candywriters

There are multiple criminal activities you can do in BitLife. One of these activities that you can directly profit from is burgling a home, which is robbing it of any items you can find in it. Not every home will have the same items, and the routes are a bit different and randomly generated, but the general concept about how you steal items and escape work the same way. You’ll want to burgle homes fairly often if you join the Mafia, and you’re just starting. It’s a great way to gain a reputation with the family when you start. Alternatively, you might be burgling a home for some quick money, or to complete a challenge.

To commit a crime without being in the Mafia, go to the “activities” tab, and scroll down to “crime.” You should see the option to burgle a home available, and you pick what type of home you want to rob. The more esteemed and higher quality the target, the more security and possessions they likely have inside it. If you’re in the Mafia, go to the occupation page and click on your family, and scroll down to choose to burgle a home to make a profit for them. These are the differences between the two. The options of who you can burgle from will vary each year, but there is a limited amount. After you’ve robbed all of those homes, you’ll have to wait a full year for that list to refresh.

Once you’ve chosen the target you want to rob, the layout of the place you will rob appears. You’ll see all of the items available in the house, and if the owner is home and the dogs protecting it. Every house you attempt to rob will have dogs patrolling the interior. If you stick around for too long inside the house, there’s a chance the police may appear at the exit and start to search for you, so you don’t want to remain inside forever.

After you know the layout, you can determine the best path to acquire the items you want to take with you and then leave with. Ideally, you want to take as many possessions as possible before making it to the exit, but only grab what you can because if you’re caught by the dogs, the owner, or police, it’s likely your characters will face criminal charges.

When you’re ready, hit the start moving your character, and you can move around the house. The interface will have four directional buttons for Android users to click to move their character, whereas iPhone users can swipe across the screen to move them. Your character moves in a straight line and does not pivot from their path unless you move them. If you cross paths with any dogs, homeowners, or police officers, the mini-game is over.

Following the end of the mini-game, your character automatically goes to the pawnshop and sells the items you were able to grab for immediate cash. If you are in the Mafia, you have the option to give all of that money to the family, half of it, or none at all, and keep it for yourself.

You can burgle homes multiple times each year, so long as there are homes to burgle.