How to catch a Fugu in Disney Dreamlight Valley

A special fish.

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Ingredients make up a large portion of the items you will find as you progress through Disney Dreamlight Valley. While some ingredients, like spices, are easy to find and pick up, some ingredients, like fish, can be a bit more difficult to find. This is especially true when it comes to special fish like the Fugu. The Fugu is a pufferfish that is extremely rare to find. This guide will show you how you can catch yourself a Fugu in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to find Fugu in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are some fish that require special circumstances to catch. While most sea-dwelling creatures can be caught simply by casting your line out into the different fishing nodes in the various bodies of water, these special fish only come out during certain times of the day or during certain weather events. For instance, the Glittering Herring can only be caught on a rainy day.

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If you look at the collections menu, it will tell you that the Fugu can only be caught on Dazzle Beach. Unfortunately, the game won’t tell you the specific information needed for this fish. To catch it, you will need to wait for a thunderstorm. When you start to see lightning and the rain begins to pour, make your way to Dazzle Beach and make sure to bring a resident assigned to the fishing role.

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While fishing during a thunderstorm, aim for the orange nodes that appear in the water. Similar to catching other high-value fish, the orange nodes are the only ones that will spawn Fugu. If you manage to get your hands on one before the thunderstorm ends, you can sell it for 900 Star Coins. You can also use the Fugu to make some delicious meals. If it is your first one, hang onto it for quests later on in the game.