How to check your stats in Fortnite

Where to view your total wins and eliminations.

Image via Epic Games

To check your stats in Fortnite, start the game and go to the main lobby screen. From there, select the Career tab. On this screen, you can view a timeline of various milestones and accomplishments in your Fortnite career. You may even be able to relive some of them in the match replays that the game saves automatically (but temporarily unless you specify otherwise).

Screenshot by Gamepur

Select Profile at the bottom of the screen to go to your Profile screen. Here you can view your performance stats for each game mode: the total number of matches played, the number of eliminations scored across all those matches, the number of top 25 finishes, the number of top 10 finishes, and the number of wins. And those stats are divided into Solo, Duo, Squad, and LTM game modes. The stats don’t go into much more detail than that, but you can at least calculate your overall win rate and your average eliminations per match and compare them to your friends’.

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Screenshot by Gamepur

You can also view Leaderboard on this screen and compare yourself to Friends and the best Fortnite players in the world. Don’t feel bad if you don’t rank high on the Leaderboards. A lot of people pretty much play this game professionally. There’s no sense trying to compete with the pros.