How to clear Floor 11 of the Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact Version 2.3

A mighty challenge.

Image via miHoYo

A new reset of the Spiral Abyss is in place. While Floors 9 and 10 are the same as the last version, Floors 11 and 12 have different enemies and strategies. These floors are much different and require new teams than before. Such as before, you must obtain 5 stars (which is done by clearing the Abyss in a certain amount of time) to move onto the next floor. Defeat each chamber in a certain amount of time to maximize your rewards.

Floor 11’s Leyline Disorder exists to help your team out this time, giving you a sizable DMG bonus for certain characters. Your Geo DMG and Physical DMG will be increased by 60% on this floor, giving characters like Noelle and Eula a leg up.

Aside from that, the floors are rather simple. A unique mechanic on Floor 11 requires you to defend a Leyline, but none of these challenges is a huge problem.

Characters to consider

Because of the Leyline Disorder, Geo characters and Physical characters will suit you well. You’ll need lots of area-of-effect damage as well with the large number of enemies on certain floors.

Noelle / Zhongli / Albedo / Geo MC: These four make up a solid and affordable mono-Geo comp, which fits well with the Leyline Disorder for this floor. With the extra Geo DMG, and the new Geo artifacts available, Geo characters are quite strong for this floor.

Eula / Razor: Physical users also gained a heavy buff, meaning characters who specialize in Physical damage will help greatly. Eula is better than Razor here, but if Razor is all you have, try him out for this floor.

Kazuha / Venti / Sucrose: Anemo characters with good displacement abilities are important for the first chamber in particular.

Floor 11, Chamber 1

Screenshot by Gamepur

This chamber is unique. Most Abyss battles are timed, meaning you have to defeat all the enemies in a certain amount of time. However, this challenge is different. You need to defend the target in the middle of the floor from waves of enemies.

With the massive amount of enemies in these waves, bring a character like Kazuha, Sucrose, and Venti to easily group up these monsters. If you have at least one of those characters, this floor should not be too difficult.

Floor 11, Chamber 2

Screenshot by Gamepur

This chamber is a simple battle. Physical characters may suit you well here, as the different slimes can interrupt your damage output. Geo and Anemo characters also won’t be affected by some of the immunities the slimes have.

The second half features some Nobushi and Kairagi enemies. For the Kairagi, you must defeat both at the same time. Otherwise, the other Kairagi will refill all of their HP. You have a generous six minutes to clear this floor for maximum rewards.

Floor 11, Chamber 3

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This chamber features a lot of Specters and Hydro Mimics. The first wave on the first half will feature Specters, and they’re quite tanky. Bring lots of damage or ranged characters to dispatch of them. Finally, you’ll fight some Hydro Mimics. You can permanently freeze them with a Cryo character.

The second half will feature only four enemies, with Ruin Cruisers, Defenders, and Scouts. If you clear the first half quickly enough, this floor should not be a problem. Characters with lots of AoE damage will suit you well here.

Once you clear Floor 11, you’ll be ready to tackle Floor 12, the hardest floor in the game.