How to club someone to death without getting caught in BitLife

You need to be cautious when trying to do this.

Image via Candywriters

You can nearly do anything you want in BitLife, and one of those things is to commit crimes. There are multiple crimes for you to do, and you may need to do a few of them depending on a challenge you’re trying to complete in the game. For example, for many working through the Murder on the Dancefloor challenge, there’s a task where you need to use a club on someone and get away with it without being seen. Here’s what you need to know about how to club someone to death without getting caught in BitLife.

How to use a club on someone and not be seen in BitLife

To attempt to use a club on someone in BitLife, you need to go to the Activities tab and scroll down to Crimes. From here, you will have the option to murder a person and select what murder weapon you want to use. You must use a club for the Murder on the Dancefloor challenge. If you do not see these as one of your weapons of choice, we recommend selecting another target or closing out of the application and trying again.

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An excellent way to try and avoid being caught when committing this crime is to do it to someone your character doesn’t know directly. For example, you don’t want to do it to your character’s father, stepfather, brother, mother, wife, sister, or anyone they know and interact with or have a relationship with. We recommend doing it to someone who they do not know directly, such as a random person on the street. If it’s a random crime, it’s harder to trace it back to your character.

However, the crimes in BitLife are relatively random. An excellent way to increase the odds of you not being caught is to increase your character’s Karma, which you can do by having positive interactions with random characters or those with relations with your character. You can check your Karma by going to the Mind & Body tab under Activities and selecting the Meditate option. Although it doesn’t always happen when meditating, it’s still good to do, nonetheless.