How to complete all deeds in Sea of Thieves: The Siren’s Prize Adventure

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Earning both rewards from The Siren’s Prize in Sea of Thieves requires you to complete not only the Adventure but also all eight of its Deeds as well. You’ll automatically finish five of them as part of the activity, but the remaining three will take some extra doing: namely the collection of Tablet items in each of the Shrines you’ll visit. This guide will cover all eight of the Deeds you need to accomplish to earn the Warrior of the Ancient’s Title.

All Deeds in The Siren’s Prize

The Siren’s Prize is an extensive activity, and while it won’t take you to the ends of the ocean to complete, you will spend at least a few hours uncovering all the secrets of the Shrines.

First Deed in The Siren’s Prize: Investigate Plunder Valley.

When you first load into Sea of Thieves, exit the tavern and speak to Larinna. The option to begin the Adventure will be at the bottom of her dialog box. Select “I want to check out what’s happening at Plunder Valley!” Then, sail to the island’s northeastern shore and speak to Belle there.

Second Deed in The Siren’s Prize: Find the Dreams of the Ancients in the Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune

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Head northwest of Plunder Valley to reach the glowing purple mask indicating the Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune. Complete most of it to acquire the small chest item containing the Dreams of the Ancients, then return it to the Ancient Priest to complete this Deed. Note that you must give the Priest the Ancient artifact in the Shrine where you found it. It cannot be turned in at other Shrines.

Third Deed in The Siren’s Prize: Find the Eyes of the Ancients in the Shrine of Ancient Tears

You’ll complete most of this Shrine to find the Eyes of the Ancients coffer item, which you must give to the Ancient Priest in the Shrine. Do so to complete this Deed.

Fourth Deed in The Siren’s Prize: Find the Voice of the Ancients in the Shrine of Tribute

Southwest of Plunder Valley lies the Shrine of Tribute. As with the second and third Deeds, complete the Shrine to uncover the location of the box item containing the Voice and give it to the Ancient Priest there.

Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Deeds in The Siren’s Prize: Read Tablets in the Shrines

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Hidden in each of the Shrines are fifteen total Tablets you need to find and read completely to accomplish the fifth, sixth, and seventh Deeds. Here is our guide on the matter:

Eighth Deed in the Siren’s Prize: Complete the Ritual at Plunder Valley

With all the Ancient items delivered, head back to Belle on Plunder Valley and speak with her. Select “We found all the treasures!” then wait for her to finish talking, then speak to her again. Select “I’m ready. Let’s start the ritual!” at the bottom of her dialog box. Be careful not to accidentally click on Replay Chapter, as you’ll have to do everything over again.

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Once the ritual starts, head to the top of Plunder Valley and fight off the Reaper Phantoms until the Soulflame Captain appears. Defeating him is the final challenge, and he’s quite the fight, with lots of HP and damage potential. Take him down, however, and the Ancient Priest will speak with you one last time, and you’ll be finished with The Siren’s Prize.