How to complete Bounties in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5

The price is right.


One of the new mechanics in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 is Bounties. These are in-match challenges that you can get from various NPCs that are strewn around the map. When you find one of the NPCs, you can pick from a range of different Bounties to complete, and earn yourself some Gold.

Finishing a Bounty will earn you gold bars which you can then use to purchase items, weapons, and other goodies from those same NPCs. Each NPC will have a different stock of Bounties and items for sale.

We have tracked down the NPCs, and listed them all in a useful guide so you know where to find them. When you get close to them, a small speech bubble icon will appear to let you know where they are.

Some of the easier Bounties to complete are the Elimination challenge. This will reward 70 Bars, and will set you on the trail of an enemy player. Their general area will be marked on the map by a yellow circle, and it is your job to hunt them down.

If another player takes them out before you do, it will still count as a successful bounty for you, but you will only get half the bars as a reward. Other types of bounties include doing damage with certain weapons, a certain number of eliminations, or going to certain places. Make sure you pick a bounty that suits your skills and playstyle.

You can hold multiple bounties at the same time, but will only be able to have one from each of the NPCs at any one time. So, if you see another NPC on your travels, make sure you grab another Bounty from them. You will need to complete a set number of challenges to progress in certain challenges, so it should be something that you try and do in every match you play.

When you complete a Bounty you don’t need to go back to the NPC you got it from, it will automatically complete itself and the Gold will be added to your count on the right of the screen, beside your building materials.