Waypoints in Coral Island: How to Unlock Fast Travel & All Secret Areas

Waypoints are scattered over the map in Coral Island, and they aren’t for decoration – here is how to unlock fast travel in your game.

how to fast travel coral island

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Coral Island’s world is gorgeous. However, as much as I’d like to stroll around its sandy beaches and lush woodlands all day long, the clock is ticking, and I’ve got stuff to do. That’s why I’m forever grateful to Coral Island’s fast-traveling system.

** This guide is still in progress and will continue to update as we gather more information**

Right from the start of the game, it is clear Coral Island’s map isn’t the small, cozy loop players know from Stardew Valley or SoS: A Wonderful Life. A trip to more remote areas can take an entire day, soaking up precious time. Thankfully, waypoints scattered around the island can be used for a quick jump from place to place – and this guide will explain how to access them.

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How to Unlock Fast Travel in Coral Island

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To unlock fast travel, you’ve got to complete one offering bundle from the Lake Temple altars.

Thankfully, there are several options to choose between, including any of the Essential Resources or Sesajen bundles. I strongly recommend completing the Essential Resources one first since it just requires wood, stone, and other basic materials you can get from cleaning up the untidy farm plot.

After completing your first offering at the Lake Temple, fast traveling — and many new Lake Temple bundles — will be unlocked.

How Fast Travel Works in Coral Island

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Fast Travel is simple once waypoints are unlocked – You can hit up a waypoint, open the map, pick a destination, and then a burst of gorgeous pink flowers envelop you, teleporting you to your chosen spot. 

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If you need to find a waypoint, try looking next to your farm. There should be a tiny stone pillar to the farmhouse’s left. 

As you might have guessed, you can’t just go anywhere on the map, but the waypoints are cleverly placed. In fact, you can even fast-travel to the diving areas once they’re unlocked.

All Secret Areas Waypoints in Coral Island & How to Unlock Them

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While the map in Coral Island is huge, there are a couple of areas that are off-limits in the early game. Here’s how you can unlock them.

  • Farm & Lake Temple: Unlocked after completing one offering at the Lake Temple.
  • The Lookout: Unlocked after completing two altar offerings.
  • Town: Unlocked after completing the first half of Sam’s Local Produce quest to deliver quality fruits and veggies.
  • Diving Pier: Unlocked by activating one solar orb in the ocean.
  • The Forest & Cavern: Unlocked after reaching level 10 in the Earth Mine.
  • Museum: Unlocked after completing the Pickstarter Launch quest.
  • Hillside: Unlocked after completing two altars at the Lake Temple.
  • Beach: Unlocked after catching 50 fish with a fishing pole.
  • Woodlands: Unlocked after catching 50 insects with a bug net.
  • Hotspring: Unlocked after completing ten altar offerings.

How to Unlock All Secret Areas in Coral Island

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How to Unlock The Giant Village in Coral Island

To the farm’s west lies a blocked woodland called the Giant Village. If you’re quick, this can be unlocked in Late Spring to Early Summer.

After completing the Mythical Dream quest, you’ll meet with the Chieftain in the area before the Giants Village. This puts you on the right track to restore the Lake Temple and rescue the giants trapped inside the Cavern. After you’ve reached the bottom of the Earth Mine on level 40, the Earth Giant will be free. 

Go home, and you’ll wake up the next day to a letter from Chieftain inviting you to their homeland. After performing a cute little dance, the Earth Giant will welcome you to the Giant Village in Coral Island.

How to Unlock The Merfolk Kingdom Waypoint in Coral Island

The Merfolk Kingdom is exactly where you expect it to be: underwater.

You’ll unlock it by completely cleaning the Se Pulu and Dua Pulu coral sites while diving in the ocean. Once that’s done, the gates to the Merfolk Kingdom in Coral Island will be opened to you. This location is a particular treat, as you can meet and mingle with real mermaids that live in the kingdom.

How to Unlock the Mid & Deep Forest in Coral Island

The Deep Forest lies west of the Cavern, past the Monkey store. The Crop Altar at the Lake Temple must be completed to unlock the Deep Forest in Coral Island. This includes completing the Essential Resources, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter Sesajen, and the Ocean Loot bundles. 

Once all of that is complete, you’ll have access to the Greenhouse and the Deep Forest.

How to Unlock the Digsite in Coral Island

The entire Catch Altar must be completed to unlock the Digsite in Coral Island. This includes the Fresh Water Fish, Salt Water Fish, Day and Night Insects, and Ocean Critters bundles.

When all that fishing and bug-catching is out of the way, you’ll get access to the Dig Site.