How to Complete Riven’s Lair in Destiny 2: Season of the Wish

Riven’s Lair is the first activity that players will encounter in the Season of the Wish. Here’s what to expect.

Destiny 2 Season of Wish Mara Sov Trailer (1)

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Soon after meeting in Riven Destiny 2, Guardians are tasked with completing the pathways to The Coil or Riven’s Lair. However, the challenge may be difficult, even for seasoned players.

As soon as you log back into Destiny 2 after the Season of the Wish update, you are immediately thrust right into the story of the Season of the Wish. It seems Mara Sov is owed one final wish, but we may have accidentally killed the wish-granter, Riven. As a method of payback, Riven has tasked us with retrieving the missing eggs from her clutch to make good on her wish-granting duties. To do that, it seems like we’re going to have to complete a few strikes first.

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Riven’s Lair Walkthrough

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How to Find Portals in Riven’s Lair

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When you first load into the activity, you’ll be tasked with activating three portals. In my playthrough, I actually ran right into a spike trap right when I entered the first room, so be careful. The floor layout is randomized, but a good tip is to always look down before moving ahead, as there are spike, poison, and pillar traps in some of the portal rooms. To avoid these traps, try jumping over them using your triple jump, glide, or launch.

From my experience with finding the portals, I found that each portal was located in a clock-like position. This means that the first one can be found as soon as you enter the room, sometimes on a platform above or beneath you, while the other two are usually on a cliff to the left and right of the first one. Another tip is to look for hidden paths if you see a portal that’s on a faraway ledge, look for a closer ledge to jump to before attempting a hail mary.

Tips on Defeating Enemies in Riven’s Lair

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For this activity, the primary enemies I came across were Vex and Taken, so prepare accordingly. The Vex and Taken are even more ruthless than usual, as they’re looking to take us out by any means necessary – usually via large explosions. Keep your distance when engaging enemies. Like all Vex, they like to swarm you if you don’t kill enough in time.

Tips on Defeating Bosses in Riven’s Lair

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Each boss has a unique mechanic that involves tearing down their shield in order to do damage. In one of my playthroughs, I had to shoot through multiple charged enemies in order to lower enemy shields. In another, I needed to pick up and use a laser to power down another powerful boss’s shield. I even encountered a boss where we had to kill powerful subbosses in order to make the main boss vulnerable. All in all, survey the room and make sure you are targeting the objectives that’ll lower the boss shield first.

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Once you complete the activity four times, you’ll unlock The Coil. This will allow you to see the paths you can take this week. For example, this week features the Divining Hall, First Steps, Sensorium, and First Steps (Cell of the Sycophant). This’ll highlight your current activities and how you’ll have to complete them. I recommend you do these with your fireteam to run through them quicker.