How to complete The Definition of a Hero quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

A new chapter of the Space Rangers is born!

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is filled with quests for you to take on to help the residents of the valley. Buzz Lightyear has been having trouble since being brought to the valley and has questioned what it means to be a hero. He regrets his past actions and it is up to you to help him see what a hero he truly is as well as start the Dreamlight Valley Branch of the Space Rangers. This guide will show you how to complete The Definition of a Hero quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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The Definition of a Hero quest guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After helping Buzz complete various tasks around the valley, he realizes that he messed up when he assumed Ursula was up to no good. Even Space Rangers make mistakes. Once you have raised Buzz’s friendship level to level 10, talk to him and he will ask you to help him apologize to Ursula. Follow Buzz down to the beach and watch as he talks to Ursula. Afterward, talk to him and he will request that you make some Space Ranger Badges to give to some heroic members of the valley.

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To make the Space Ranger Badges, you will need a few items. Gather the following items for the badges:

  • 3 Iron Ingot
  • 3 Fabric
  • 3 Vials of Blue Ink

To make Iron Ingot, you will need to combine five Iron Ore at a crafting table. For the Fabric, you will need to combine five Cotton at a crafting table. The Blue Ink is a bit different and requires multiple materials to be gathered. To make Blue Ink, you need the following:

  • 1 Empty Vial
  • 2 Blue Hydrangea
  • 3 Blueberries
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The Empty Vials are made using Glass, Blue Hydrangeas can be found along Dazzle Beach, and Blueberries can be found on Dazzle Beach and in the Forest of Valor. Once you have crafted the ink, use it and the other materials to make the Space Ranger Badges. Bring the badges to Buzz and he will have you deliver them to Remy, Moana, and Scar. After everyone has their badges, talk to Buzz and he will ask you to get a few more items for the opening ceremony.

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For the opening ceremony, you need the following items:

  • Blue and Silver Balloon Arch
  • 20 Asphalt

Of course, you need to gather the correct materials to make these items which may take a while. For the Blue and Silver Balloon Arch, you need the following items:

  • 10 Iron Ingot
  • 20 Blue Falling Pentemon
  • 20 Blue Star Lily
  • 20 Blue Marsh Milkweed

For the Asphalt, you need the following items:

  • 1 Sand
  • 1 Pebbles
  • 1 Coal Ore
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The most difficult of the materials to obtain will be the flowers which are located in the Glade of Trust, Forest of Valor, and the Plaza. Once you have all the materials, craft both of the items needed for the ceremony and place them around Buzz’s RV. Talk to Buzz once that is done and he will give you a buffet to place in the area as well. Place the buffet down and put on your Space Ranger Uniform. Finally, take a picture of the Space Rangers and the quest will be complete.