How to complete the Dreamlight Fountain quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

A glimmer of hope in the dark woods.

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Each of the residents in Disney Dreamlight Valley has an entire quest line for you to complete. As you increase their Friendship Levels, you will gain access to more quests that will help you unlock more of the valley. Donald Duck may not have the longest quest line, but it sure is interesting. This brave resident has been trying to stop the Forgetting from taking over. Now you need to help Donald as he finishes his big village project: the Dreamlight Fountain. This guide will show you how to complete the Dreamlight Fountain quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Dreamlight Fountain quest guide

The Dreamlight Fountain is the final quest that Donald will give you. Because of this, you will need to have completed all of his previous quests and raised his Friendship Level to level 10 to unlock the quest. Begin the quest by speaking to Donald and he will ask you to follow him to the campsite in the Sunlit Plateau. Once there, pick up the note on the ground to find the location of the last memory for his quest line.

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The note will tell you to head to the campsite in the Forgotten Land. The campsite is next to the altar in the area. You will see a dig spot next to the campsite here. Use your shovel to uncover the final part of the memory. Talk to Donald afterward to tell him what you discovered. Donald will task you with building the Dreamlight Fountain using the following materials:

You can find the Stone by hitting rocks and Rock Spots with your pickaxe. The Iron Ingot is made by combining Iron Ore at a crafting station. Soil is found by digging up the ground. Hardwood can be found in the Glade of Trust and Forest of Valor. Finally, Clay is found by digging in the Glade of Trust.

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After gathering all of the materials, go to a crafting station and craft the Dreamlight Fountain. Bring the Dreamlight Fountain to Donald in the Forgotten Land. He will give you a ribbon. Go into the furniture menu and place the ribbon near the Dreamlight Fountain in the Forgotten Land. Once the ribbon is placed, take a picture of the fountain. Talk to Donald to complete the quest and get the Sailor Coat as a reward.