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How to complete The Elven Sanctum in God of War Ragnarok

Learn the history of the Elves of Alfheim.

Following the completion of your time in Vanaheim in God of War Ragnarok, a pair of Elves serving in Freyr’s army will request your assistance. They tell of an ancient Elven Library in the desert, in the Forbidden Sands. They wish you to travel there to retrieve a text and bring it back to them in hopes of potentially quelling the tensions between the Light and Dark Elves. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete The Elven Sanctum in God of War Ragnarok.

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All The Elven Sanctum steps in God of War Ragnarok

You can access the Forbidden Sands after you complete the Vanaheim region for the main story and you upgrade your chisel. Return to Alfheim, and proceed to the northwest part of The Barrens. There will be a glyph there that you can break through now using your chisel, where you can proceed to The Hjarta and the Forbidden Sands. The Elven Sanctum is on the northeast side of this region.

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When you arrive, it will be an empty library, and you can freely search this area as much as you like. However, the item you are looking for will be in the back of the Sanctum. Retrieve it, and you will have the Consul’s Journal in your inventory. You will now need to bring it back to the two Elves in Alfheim.

However, a Light Elf Guardian will appear when you reach the entrance, similar to the one you fought in the Temple of Light, Alva. Although stronger, this opponent, The Maven, will have a similar moveset. She will be able to throw her double-blade weapon at you, charges you with it, and fires a bright white light of energy in an X formation at you from a distance. The distanced attack is unblockable, and you will need to dodge it.

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After getting the opponent down to no health, Kratos will spare them. When you step outside the temple, you will complete the Favour.

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