How to complete the Get Around Challenge in BitLife

Travel around the world, and meet new people.

Every weekend, a new challenge arrives in BitLife that provides a unique series of tasks for players to complete. These task vary, but they all focus on a singular topic each week. This week, players will need to complete the Get Around Challenge, where they’ll be traveling around the world meeting others, sleeping with them, and having children.

Here are all of the challenges for the Get Around challenge.

  • Have lovers from 5+ different countries
  • Bear 3+ children in different counters
  • Engage in 3+ threesomes
  • Contract 3+ different sexually transmitted diseases

You can perform this challenge as a male or female. You’ll be traveling quite a bit, so we highly recommend you have a good surplus of income to spend money on this challenge. The first task is to have five lovers from different countries. To do this, you’ll have to find a character to sleep with, and you can do that from the activities page, go to the love section, and attempt to date someone. If they like you, and things kick-off, you’ll sleep with them, and then you can move on to the next country.

You can move to different countries by emigrating to other parts of the world. Because it doesn’t matter where you go to complete this challenge, it shouldn’t matter which countries you pick. It does cost a bit of money, though.

The next task is to bear three children from different countries. It looks like the five individuals you sleep with will have to provide you children, which can happen when you have unprotected sex. It’s all random chance. You’ll have to wait a year or two to see if a kid appears, and if they do, you’ll be able to move onto the next country to complete the challenge.

The next task is to engage in threesomes. These activities can be a little tougher because most partners typically disagree with this. However, if you meet with a partner who has a higher-than-average crazy meter, they’re more willing to have a threesome with you, so before dating someone, try to have a relationship with someone who has a high crazy meter making the task much easier.

The final task is to contract three different sexually transmitted diseases. Much like children, these are randomly given to you and happen when you’re having unprotected sex. These tasks go hand-in-hand, so you expect to acquire these over time as you’re sleeping around with other people. Some partners might not sleep with you because you have a sexually transmitted disease, which could make sleeping with other people more difficult as you gain these diseases.

Once you’ve completed all of these tasks, you’ll receive a brand new appearance item for your account, and you can place it on any character you create in BitLife.