How to complete the Knighthood Challenge in Gotham Knights

Become the Knight.

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The Knighthood Challenge is a long quest chain each hero must complete in Gotham Knights. Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Robin all have a Knighthood challenge side mission given to them near the start of the game. This challenge will unlock unique abilities for each character. This guide will explain how to complete the Knighthood Challenge quest in Gotham Knights.

How to complete the Knighthood Challenge quest

The Knighthood challenge will be given to players after they complete the prologue sequence. Once you return to the Belfry after the police station investigation, you will unlock the Knighthood challenge, and online coop will also be enabled.

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After you unlock the challenge, you can begin making progress in it for each hero. The Knighthood Challenge quest contains the same steps for each character, but each character must complete this challenge to unlock their unique rewards.

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Knighthood Challenge 1

The first Knighthood challenges are pretty straightforward but lengthy. The steps for the first challenge are as follows.

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You must complete the Timed Strike training exercise in the hub. You can find this tutorial in the advanced training section. After completing that, you must stop ten Premeditated Crimes. You can find these crimes by roaming Gotham’s streets and interrogating every enemy you can get your hands on. You will start to unlock Premeditated crimes. Their symbols appear in-game and the image below shows them clearly.

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You must then defeat three mini-bosses, which can be found while completing premeditated crimes or story missions.

Knighthood Challenge 2

After completing the first steps, you will be tasked with visiting Batman’s memorial. To do this, you must fast travel or return to the Belfry hub area. After you approach Batman’s armor, a short cutscene will play.

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After the cutscene is over, you will unlock your Heroic Travel ability and the Knighthood skill tree. A Heroic Travel quest chain will become available to you as well. The Knighthood Challenge won’t be over yet, as you still have one final step to complete this quest chain.

Knighthood Challenge 3

The next step will task you with unlocking three abilities in the Knighthood skill tree. If you don’t have skill points during this step, you can exit the Belfry and continue the campaign until you’ve gained enough points. After unlocking three abilities, you must return to the Belfry to finish the Knighthood Challenge.

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Once you reach the Belfry, head upstairs and interact with the tablet. After a short discussion with Alfred, the Knighthood Challenge quest will be complete.

Finishing this challenge grants a surplus of ability points and crafting materials. Take advantage of the super attack each character can use and their Heroic Travel ability to take down tough boss battles around Gotham.