How to complete the Operation Paper Trail – Operation Paper Trail mission in GTA Online

Hit the Duggans where it hurts.

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Operation Paper Trail is a series of missions all about taking on the high gas prices in Los Santos. Among this series is a mission named Operation Paper Trail. In this mission, a deal is going down and you need to be involved. Time to get sneaky and start spying on Mason Duggan. It’s time to put all of your IAA training to the test in Operation Paper Trail in GTA Online.

Construction site

You start off the mission by going to the nearby construction site. The construction site will actually be right down the road from the IAA office. Once there, you will need to wait for Agent ULP to give you access to the drones.

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When you get access to the cameras, scroll through them until you spy Mason Duggan. Even if you decide to wait around, the cameras will automatically scroll over to where Mason is.

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Get to the roof

Now that you know where Mason Duggan is, you will need to get up to him. Start by sneaking around and taking out enemies until you find a keycard. The keycard is on a random enemy in the area. Be careful not to get caught or you will have a lot to deal with.

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Once you find the keycard, head over to the elevator to ride it up part of the way to the roof. You will get stopped and need to access the keypad to use the second elevator. After accessing the keypad, you will end up on the roof where the deal is going down.

Take out Mason Duggan & get the case

Mason will be on the roof after you get through the onslaught of bodyguards that he has. He will try escaping in a helicopter. Damage it during takeoff so that he has to make an emergency landing later on. You can easily give chase to his helicopter by jumping off the roof and parachuting down.

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Steal a car and chase down Mason’s helicopter. When he lands, finish him off and steal the case. It will be lying on the ground wherever you kill him. Once you have the case, you will need to bring it to the drop-off that appears on your map. When you drop off the briefcase, the mission will be complete.