How to complete the Oryx encounter in King’s Fall Raid in Destiny 2

Defeat the Taken King.

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The Oryx battle is the final encounter in the King’s Fall Raid in Destiny 2. This will pit your fireteam against the Taken King, and you can expect it to be a massive battle where coordination will be essential. There are multiple mechanics at play here you will need to know, and each member of your fireteam will want a designated job to deal with something during the battle. This guide covers how to complete the Oryx encounter in King’s Fall Raid in Destiny 2.

How to defeat Oryx in King’s Fall Raid

The Oryx encounter is highly similar to the Daughters of Oryx battle. If you have a solid rotation for that one with people assigned to plates and two fillers roaming the map, we recommend keeping these positions and using those for the encounter. When you’re ready, approach the far end of the ship, and activate the orb to summon Oryx.

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Oryx Plates and Platform Jumping

For a quick summary, every player should have an assigned plate, and then you will need to have two players as fillers for those plates. They will be flexible if another player cannot activate their plate. This comes into play when you need to activate plates and work with the player who has been Torn through another dimension. When the encounter starts, Oryx will appear, and multiple enemies will spawn. Taken Knights will appear on each plate, along with various enemies spawning in, and you will need to clear them all. Eventually, Oryx will pivot around the map to one of these plates and slam his fist against them, activating it.

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The player assigned to this plate will need to stand on it and call out if they see a symbol above one of the other plates, having the player assigned to that plate standing on it. One player in the fireteam, randomly assigned, will be Torn, and they will need to make their way to the first active plate. When both plates have been activated, platforms will appear for the Torn player, and they need to reach the top to grab a buff and then jump down. Everyone on their plate will want to jump off it as it will burn bright red and damage them. If you incorrectly stand on a plate that is not supposed to be active, it has a similar effect.

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Oryx Light-Eater Ogres and Knights

After a plate has been activated, on that side of the room, Light-Eater Ogres will appear. Players on that side of the room want to defeat them quickly. When these Ogres call, they will drop an AOE with a black orb at the center. Everyone must not touch this area, as it is a bomb. Touching it before the correct phase will wipe the team. So make sure no one touches it.

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Shortly after the Light-Bear Ogres appear, Light-Bear Knights will appear on opposite sides of that room, and they will rush towards the bomb. You will need to stop them before they reach the bombs, or they will devour them. The bombs are important to damaging Oryx, so you want to ensure you have as many as you can afford.

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Vessel of Oryx and Damaging Oryx

After the Torn players have acquired two orbs, a small group of enemies spawns at the front of the room and make their way to the center. One of them is called the Vessel of Oryx, and you mainly want to ignore them. They are there for the Torn player working on the third orb. When they reach the top of the platform and interact with the orb, they will need to make their way to the Vessel of Oryx, stealing the shield.

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While the player grabbing the third orb is working on the Vessel of Oryx, each person assigned to the plate will want to stand next to their respective bombs. Not in them, but next to them. Now, a notification will play out that reads, “Oryx calls upon the Darkness.” When this happens, all assigned plate players will want to enter their bomb and wait for a notification that reads, “<Player’s Name> has detonated a Corrupted Light.”

They will then want to make their way to the center where the Vessel of Oryx’s shield is and wait for the bombs to go off. Everyone will now want to face Oryx, who should be stunned and shoot at his center. You will damage this location for as long as possible, hitting with your strongest weapons, abilities, and any other modifiers your team can afford.

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Oryx Retribution

After any damage phase, Oryx will do one of two retributions against you and your team. The first is projecting an AOE effect around you that looks like a blue aura, damaging you. Then, it follows you around the room, potentially hitting allies. A good way to get around this is to have each player assigned to their plate run around their plate, and the two fillers run up and down their half of the middle of the arena. This way, no one will overlap with each other.

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The second one is where a large blue orb appears at the front of the ship. Players will be randomly teleported into the center, fighting against a miniature form of Oryx with a sword, with multiple enemies running into this arena. You will need to battle and defeat this Oryx while defending against the enemies. The allies outside the bubble can shoot at the swarming enemies to protect those at the center.

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This cycle will repeat until you get to the small chunk of health on the left side of Oryx’s health bar. We recommend you nearly get to the edge of it before doing another damage phase to him, using this time to acquire Special and Power ammunition for the Final Stand, unless you’ve taken too long and he is about to enrage. If he is, do not waste time and make a burst to the Final Stand phase.

Final Stand against Oryx

When Oryx goes into the Final Stand, he will go to the center area of the stage immediately after the DPS stage. He will stand there, and a notification will appear that says, “Oryx calls upon the Darkness.” To the left and right parts of the arena, close to the front of the ship, Light-Eater Ogres will appear. Two players will need to eliminate them and trigger those bombs. After those bombs have gone off, they will need to return to the center and attack Oryx’s center, similar to the previous DPS portions of this encounter. These will extend Oryx’s Final Stand phase, giving everyone more time to damage him.

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When you reach the last part of his health, you will have defeated Oryx. You can proceed to the front of the ship and claim your prize for completing the King’s Fall Raid.