How to complete the St.47 feat in Hitman 3

Be good for one night, 47.


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St.47 is a Feat you can complete in Hitman 3 in the Christmas-themed Holiday Hoarders mission. It requires you to complete every challenge or feat that’s specifically linked to the mission, meaning it can take a long time and a lot of dedication. However, there is a way for you to complete this feat and all the other Holiday Hoarders challenges in one playthrough. This guide explains how to do that, so you don’t need to play longer than necessary.

There’s no need to stick to a specific loadout. However, we recommend that you start the mission undercover in the kitchen. This places you close to some of the items you’ll need to pick up for one of the feats, so it’s worth having every advantage possible.

Step 1: Stealing everything

You’ll complete ‘Tis the Season regardless of any other challenges, so you don’t need to think about that one. You need to work around the museum from your starting location, stealing all twelve items and the suit in the order we’ve outlined below. Use the map references below each one to help you find them. This order ensures that you get each item before the targets, so you must follow it and move as fast as possible.

Item 1: Apricot – The apricot is in the kitchen where you’ll start the mission.

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Item 2: Coconut – This item is down the hall from the apricot in the canteen. Once you’ve acquired it, follow the security guard out of the room, subdue him, and steal his disguise to help you reach the rest of the items on this list.

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Item 3: Cannonball – This item is on the museum’s ground floor in the wing with the model ship.

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Item 4: Toy tank – You’ll find this item in the next wing of the museum, on the counter behind the staff members who are looking at a painting.

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Item 5: Battleaxe – You can find this item sticking out of the ice sculpture in the restaurant.

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Item 6: Shuriken – This item is near the battleaxe, sticking out of a clothes rail.

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Item 7: Fireworks remote detonator – You need to run upstairs to the light desk on the balcony for this item, past a guard who will see through your disguise. Run fast for this one because one of your targets may get to it first.

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Item 8: Circumcision knife – This item is in a room near the fireworks remote detonator.

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Santa 47 Suit: You need to find Santa in the dining room nearby and subdue or kill him to take his suit. This is essential for completing the Ho Ho Ho feat. You can use the battleaxe to kill him, but make sure you take it with you.

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Item 9: Cowboy bust – This item is at the top of the ladder to the attic. You’ll need to drop the battleaxe at the bottom of the ladder, but you can pick it back up when you return.

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Item 10: Saber – This sword is a little into the attic sticking out of a skull.

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Item 11: Bust – This second bust is on the security desk in the attic. Wait for the guard close to it to move to the left, so you have a window to pick it up.

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Item 12: Branson MD-2 microphone – This final item is around the corner in the attic. Once you have it, head back to the ladder you used to get up here, slide down, and pick up the battleaxe to complete the Santa’s Little Helper feat. After that, you can drop the battleaxe and saber and head downstairs again.

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Step 2: Three bricks to the head

You’ve now completed one feat and set up a few others. The next thing you need to do is head to the cellar, back to where you started, and make your way to the security office. See below for a map reference for this location.

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Inside, you’ll see an orange present on the floor. You need to open it to reveal three bricks. Pick those bricks up to continue with your mission. It would also help at this point if you’re able to pick up a security guard disguise, but try to leave the Santa 47 Suit somewhere that you can pick it back up easily later.

You need to find Marv, the target with a beard and cap, and subdue him by throwing a brick at his head three times. Try to do this without being spotted, but ensure that someone will see Marv’s body. You need to have the security guards wake him up after you subdue him each time. If you’re struggling, try to drag his body into a location where it will be seen. Make sure that Marv is woken up each time. Otherwise, you can’t complete the final feats. When you’ve done this, you’ll get a notification saying that the Bad 47 feat is complete.

Step 3: The big finale

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With your two targets still walking around and nothing for them to steal, you need to head to the garden and find the lion statue with two propane flasks below it. Make sure you pick up the Santa 47 Suit if you changed out of it earlier. See below for a map reference for the lion statue.

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Wait here until your targets walk out with a cup of wine each. Then, they’ll briefly stand together near the lion statue, giving you a few seconds in which to shoot the propane flasks and cause an explosion that will kill them both. This will complete the Ho Ho Ho and Oh, Deer feats. All you need to do now is exit the mission and watch each feat and assassination pop up on the final screen.

If you want to complete each challenge separately, then you need to complete all of the following before you’ll complete St.47.

  • ‘Tis the Season: Complete the Holiday Hoarders mission once and unlock the Santa 47 Suit.
  • Bad 47: Subdue Marv three times in a single playthrough using bricks.
  • Santa’s Little Helper: Steal all twelve items the targets are after before they pick any of them up.
  • Oh, Deer: Kill both targets with a propane flask explosion.
  • Ho Ho Ho: Take down both targets with accidental kills while wearing the Santa 47 Suit.