How to complete the Stick It to the Man redacted assassination challenge in Chongqing in Hitman 3

Being a hitman is an equal opportunity employment case.

Hitman 3

Image via IO Interactive

Hitman 3’s redacted challenges are secret missions within the game’s sandbox maps that will require the player to pull off sometimes unexpected feats to unlock. The Stick It to the Man assassination challenge in Chongqing is one example of a challenge where a normal playthrough is not likely to yield completion. However, with some sneaky and stealthy play, you can easily pull off this challenge and earn the rewards from it. Here is how to complete the Stick It to the Man redacted assassination challenge in Hitman 3.

To complete the Stick It to the Man assassination challenge, you need to kill Hush while wearing a homeless disguise. Starting at the bottom of the Bloc building, you have to make your way to the top, sneaking past numerous guards, so running through each level is not necessarily recommended. Instead, we have worked out a path that will get you to the top without being detected.

To start, we will follow the Impulse Control story mission until you talk to the assistant about becoming a test subject. First, get a homeless disguise from the group talking by the fire barrel. One will walk away, giving a perfect chance to subdue and steal his clothes. Put him in the nearby chest.

Enter the bloc and have the guard lead you to the interview spot to become a test subject. You need to be frisked before going up, so be sure to drop any illegal items outside. When the assistant asks you to sit down, she will say they have no spots left for tonight and turn away to tell a guard to lead you out. While she is looking away, jump out the window.

Crouch and run along with the balcony you are now on. On the opposite side is a wall that has crumbled apart. Hang from the ledge and jump to the drain pipe you can climb up a floor.

On the floor above, there are two doors you can go through. The first one is locked, so if you have a lockpick or crowbar, you can open it, knocking off a little bit of time. If you open it with a crowbar, do not worry, no one comes to investigate the door being pried open.

If you do not have the items to open the door, go through the second door, knock out the guards, and turn right to find the first door entrance. If you want to do this run with a Silent Assassin ranking, be sure to pick up the fuse core hiding in the back corner of the room. Walk forward to find a security room with three guards. Sneak past and up the stairs when they are looking away.

When you get up the stairs, you will find a hallway with more guards and no way to get past without being detected. Instead of going through this hallway, turn around, and you will see a door with a keypad next to the staircase you just climbed. Input the code 2552 to unlock it.

Go up the short staircase to find two more guards at work. You don’t need to worry too much about these guys. For the most part, they are always looking away except the one further away, who ventures back and forth.

Take a left, and if you use your detection vision, you will notice you are on the same floor as Hush. However, he is likely to be testing with many people around him, and we do not have any weapons to kill him fast.

Look further left, and you will find a door leading to a small room with a screwdriver in it. Now we can quickly kill Hush. Save your game here. If you don’t care about your score, you can rush in and kill Hush to unlock the challenge, but you will probably not make it out alive. With the fuse core in hand, though, we have a way to do this without being detected at all.

Go into the room that Hush tests his body control technology in. If they are testing, crouch and stay to the left and vault over the boxes at the end. Enter the door to find a room with someone working on an electrical box and a guard looking out a window. Take both out, starting with the guy working on the box and stash them in the nearby closet. Be sure to pick up the guard’s gun as well.

With those two out of the way, put the fuse core you got from downstairs into the box and walk out the door directly to the left. Don’t worry if it closes. Since you opened it from the inside, you do not need to input the code 2552 to open it again. When Hush finishes his testing, he will enter the room and sit in the chair. His guard stays out of the room, so go back in and throw your screwdriver into his face to kill him and complete the Stick It to the Man assassination challenge. If this is your first time killing him in this chair, you will also earn the Deprivation challenge.