How to complete the Visions of Kourna collection in Guild Wars 2

Kourna believe my eyes.

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The map of Kourna has many things for the players of Guild Wars 2 to see and enjoy. Unfortunately, it’s also the location for one of the necessary components for the Vision Legendary Trinket. This collection requires players to travel across the map and interact with various items and objects. While this is only a single part of the Legendary Trinket crafting, it is essential. In this guide, we’ll look at where you can find the different items needed to complete the Visions of Kourna collection.

What you’ll need to do to complete the Visions of Kourna collection

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You’ll need to complete a Mastery reward track. You’ll also need to have a Skyscale with the Rift Mastery unlocked. To do this, you’ll need Mastery Insight Points. Once you have those, you’ll need to make sure you level up to unlock the Mastery; this can be done by completing events on the Path of Fire and Living World Season 4 maps. This is a list of the items and locations you’ll need to visit to complete the Visions of Kourna collection.

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Heavy Corsair JerkinComplete the Long Live the Lich Mastery or by completing the Domain of Kourna Reward Track. You’ll receive the Corsair Jerkin Box which will provide you the item. The armor class doesn’t matter.
Vision of Dragons: AureneIt is located up above Lady Camilla. The location is inside Zelbahn Garrison.
Vision of Allies: BlishFind the Data Log Printout. This is located in the Allied Encampment and to the west of Lady Camilla.
Vision of Enemies: Olori OgunDefeat the Troopmarshal Olori Ogun. Ensure that you have the Memory Essence Encapsulator in your inventory.
Vision of Landscapes: Domain of KournaThe Skyscale is required. You must access the Rift located high up above the Allied Encampment, right over the Domain of Kourna Insight: Allied Encampment.
Banner of the CommanderCrafted by either an Armorsmith, Leatherworker, or Tailor of 500 rating.
You will need: x1 Lacquered Banner Pole. x1 Banner Pennon. x25 Orichalcum Ingot. x20 Unidentified Dye.
Vision of Action: Domain of KournaSpeak to Researcher Tebb who will transform you into a Choya. From here you must then join in the dance of the NPC Choya by following their moves.

Note that the Commander Back Item Banner cannot be bought from the Black Lion Trading Post. As such, you will have to craft it yourself. However, the recipe can be purchased from Lady Camilla in the Allied Encampment in the Domain of Kourna for 1 Gold.