How to craft three pistols in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

Aim true.

Fortnite wants us to craft three pistols for the final week of Chapter 2 Season 6. This is quite easy to do if you know what to look for. Players don’t need to craft any particular type of pistol, so can work on either Primal Pistols or Mechanical Pistols, whichever ones make the most sense game to game.

The first thing they will need is a Makeshift Pistol to act at a base. These can then be crafted by opening the Inventory, then clicking on the Crafting Tab. Here, they will be able to make a Primal Pistol using Animal Bones. Animal Bones can be obtained from hunting animals on the map or speaking with NPCs who may give you some, or be willing to sell you some.

It is also possible to turn the Makeshift weapon into a Revolver using Mechanical Parts obtained from destroying vehicles, but we do not know if this will count toward the challenge at the moment. The player will need to craft three pistols in total to finish the challenge, which means they need to find three different Makeshift weapons from chests or as ground loot. The good news is, they can be found all over the map, and are quite common spawns.

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