How to Deal Damage to an Opponent with a Lump of Coal in Fortnite


As part of the Winterfest challenges, you will need to deal damage to an opponent with a lump of coal in Fortnite. The first step involves finding some of this goal. There are two sources for this item, Presents, and Ice Boxes. Presents can be found by searching chests in the game, then using the Present. If you are lucky, it will contain some coal.

Fortnite Ice Box Locations

Ice Boxes can be found all over the map, and if you search them, you might be lucky enough to find some coal in one. You can find the locations of various Ice Boxes marked on the map above. Run up to them and search them, and you should be able to find some coal.

Damaging an opponent is a simple matter of throwing the coal at them, like a grenade. It only does twenty damage, so don’t expect to kill them. It’s also hard to hit people with, so you might want to try and be sneaky and hit someone as they are standing still when searching a chest, or checking some loot.

Coal will drop in stacks of five, so you will be able to try and hit people a few times before you are forced to shoot them. Even if you do need to kill someone after missing with coal, you can pick it up again afterward.

Coal also has another use, which makes it very beneficial. You can throw coal into a Campfire to automatically stoke it, which will release a nice burst of healing warmth that will heal you to full health.

This one might take a little patience to complete, but you have until the end of Winterfest on Jan. 7 to get it done.