How to deal damage while thermal vision is active as Predator in Fortnite

Time to fish.

The final challenge to get all your Predator items in Fortnite is to deal damage while thermal vision is active. You will need to be wearing the Predator skin while you complete this challenge.

It is important to not that the Predator skin or the new Mythic that he drops do not give you thermal vision, you will need to find another source for it. The easiest one to find is just by fishing. Grab yourself a fishing rod, jump into a game and hit the water. You are looking for any of the different types of Thermal Fish which can spawn all over the map.

It is a good idea to grab yourself a couple of them to give you room to make a mistake. After that, go and find another player and eat the fish, then make sure you kill them while your thermal vision is active. You will need to repeat this process until you manage to do enough damage to finish up the challenge. The good news is that the Thermal Fish can spawn anywhere, so you don’t need to worry about going to a specific location on the map.

You could technically use the Mandalorian’s Sniper Rifle for this, but you would need to get it off him, and we are unsure at this time if this will count as active thermal vision for the quest.

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