How to do the Fake Arrest scam in BitLife

Prepare for some advanced scamming tactics in BitLife.

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BitLife allows you to become a Street Hustler, and one of the techniques you can do in this profession is to the Fake Arrest scam as a Scam Artist. You will need to practice a bit to have enough skills to do this technique, but it can work with some practice and patience. This guide covers how you can do the Fake Arrest scam in BitLife.

How to unlock the Fake Arrest scam

The Fake Arrest scam is one of the advanced techniques you can do as a Scam Artist. Unfortunately, it is not immediately available to you. You will only be able to do this as you progress through the Scam Artist profession. To do this successfully requires you to rotate through your available scams, such as the Bump-and-Grab technique, the Counterfeit Merchandise, the Fake Monk, or the Item Drop scam. If you want to do this once or twice on a street, switch to another scam technique before moving streets. When you change streets, make sure to find one with high traffic, a decent amount of crime, and low cop activity.

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You unlock the Fake Arrest scam not by perfecting these smaller scams but by increasing your Streets Smarts as Street Hustler. This will steadily increase as you perform successful scams and make more money in your profession.

Eventually, your Street Smarts will be high enough to unlock the Intermediate and Advanced techniques, with the Fake Arrest scam in the Advanced category. Similar to the previous scams, make sure you’re watching the number of people in your area, and you can see how many cops are working on those streets. The more cops and less crime you have to deal with, the higher chances you have of being caught and arrested for performing these scams.