How to do the Surprise Millionaire Challenge in BitLife

Money doesn’t grow on trees.

Image via Candywriter

A new challenge available in BitLife is the Surprise Millionaire. You will have to meet several requirements within a single lifetime of a character in the game to complete it. After you finish, you will receive a challenge reward for having it done. All iOS players should receive a random accessory for doing so, which is the only way for BitLife players to receive accessories.

Surprise Millionaire Challenge requirements

There are three requirements you have to meet to complete the challenge.

  • Start a first-generation life
  • Use “Surprise Me” at every opportunity
  • Become a millionaire

You can start a first-generation life whenever you’re playing BitLife. A first-generation life is a brand new character and not a descendant of an original character to ensure you have a fresh start for the challenge. For those with the premium BitLife purchase, you can choose to save your current character and start a new life at the top left-hand section of your screen. On this same screen, you can choose to continue any life you saved.

With your first-generation character, you can continue to play the game the same way you would any other BitLife character. The only difference is that whenever a random action happens when interacting with anything or after the start of a new year, you must click the “Surprise Me” option. It’s usually the bottom choice of all the options, and it picks at random one of the available choices. You have to do this every single time the option appears.

The final requirement you need to make is to become a millionaire. You can do this by going through a few methods in-game, one of them is by having your character reach the highest level of the Smart stat they can by reading and studying in school to make it to medical school. After they graduate from medical school, they should be eligible to work at any prestigious medical establishment in your character’s country, making a good chunk of money each year. You don’t want them spending money left and right, but putting money in the correct house investments is also a good idea. Medical school is not the only way you can earn a good chunk of money, but it could make it much easier. The more smarts stat your character has, the higher chance they can obtain a well-paying position.

Once you complete the challenge, you should see all of the checkboxes filled, and you will have earned your reward. iOS players will earn an accessory, but Android BitLife players won’t receive that upgrade until a future update.