How to Earn More Hacksilver in God of War

 How to Earn More Hacksilver in God of War

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Hacksilver is the main currency used in God of War. It is required most notably to craft and upgrade weapons and armor at one of the many shops run by the dwarven blacksmith team of Brok and Sindri. Hacksilver is also required to purchase consumables such as Resurrection Stones and other items for sale at the shops. So how can you earn more Hacksilver? Read on for our top tips.

Make Hacksilver by Selling Stuff

How to Earn More Hacksilver in God of War
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One of the most efficient ways of earning more Hacksilver in God of War is to sell everything that you don’t need. Fortunately the two dwarven blacksmiths, Brok and Sindri, are willing to take all the junk you’ve accumulated off your hands. While you can sell many items, we recommend that you focus on selling the following two things, as they provide the most amount of Hacksilver in return:

Unlike other similar games, Kratos never accumulates excess weapons, but he sure does carry a large amount of armor pieces around with him. In most scenarios, you’re only going to want to hang on to the best pieces of armor you have. As old chest, wrist, or waist pieces become useless for you, you can sell them at a shop. Depending on their rarity, you’ll receive a pretty decent amount of Hacksilver.

How to Earn More Hacksilver in God of War How to Earn More Hacksilver in God of War

Artifacts are another great source of Hacksilver. As you pick up these trinkets, you can sell them to any shop at any time. Don’t worry about messing up your progress in your collection either. Once you’ve acquired an artifact, it’s noted in your journal for good. Many of the artifacts are worth several thousand Hacksilver.

Make Hacksilver by Smashing Everything!

How to Earn More Hacksilver in God of War
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God of War is a violent game. Kratos has a lot of flair and style when it comes to ripping enemies apart, quite literally. There aren’t many things that can’t be destroyed in one way or another and it pays to smash as much as possible. Whether it’s wooden boxes, crates, barrels, or entire tables complete with decorations, nothing should be left standing when you leave a room. These items won’t yield a huge amount of Hacksilver, but it’s fun to destroy stuff, so you might as well. Not only will everything that you bust up give you a small amount of Hacksilver, but you’ll also often find hidden secrets or collectibles underneath the rubble.

Play the Story

How to Earn More Hacksilver in God of War
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It’s easy to get distracted by shiny things in God of War. Whether you’re solving Nornir Chest rune puzzles, completing favours for NPCs, or just exploring the vast world, you can sometimes forget about the main journey you’re on. However, rewards in God of War scale as you make progress. Hacksilver is included in these rewards, so you’ll notice that you receive a lot more of it later on in the game. The developers have done a good job of keeping the cost of things in line with the amount of Hacksilver you accumulate naturally, and you should find yourself with quite a lot of it on hand in the later stages.

There are several other ways of earning Hacksilver, including following the clues to Treasure Maps, opening Legendary Chests, and more. You’ll find help for those activities and many more in our God of War Guide Hub.