How to Easily Earn Gold Scavenger Medals by Searching Chests, Llamas, or Supply Drops in Fortnite


For Fortnite’s Rippley Vs. Sludge mission, you will need to earn five Gold Scavenger Medals for one of the challenges. The task can be a little tricky, depending on where you drop in on the map. You will need to loot a total of twelve chests to earn a Gold Scavenger Medal, so you will want to drop in somewhere that can be quiet, but also has plenty of loot.

Castle Ruins Location

On the map above, you can see the marked location of a ruined castle. It is a great place to start your treasure hunt, as it is nearly always quiet and contains six chests, which instantly gets you halfway to your goal.

When you drop in, make sure to land on the roof, then grab the chest that spawns on the balcony. There are two more chests in alcoves within the main building, and three more dotted around the outskirts of the castle ruins. You can easily hear where they are by just running around.

When you have them all looted, make your way to Sweaty Sands, which is nearby. You can find two chests on the skateboarding course, then make your way into the nearest building and start searching for more. It won’t take you very long to find them, as this is a high spawn area for chests, and you need to listen carefully for the sound that the chests make to track them down.

Remember, you are searching for chests, so you should be able to find plenty of Medi Packs. Save these in case the circle starts to shrink before you manage to get all twelve chests and use them to keep you alive while you search. Don’t try to outrun the storm; commit to getting that Gold Scavenger Medal.