How to escape a Trial while using the Inner Focus, Residual Manifest, and Overzealous perks in Dead by Daylight

Haddie’s skills come into their own.


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Dead by Daylight sets players some incredibly tough challenges, most of which are linked to Tomes you can participate in at any time. Among these challenges are those requiring you to use a specific loadout, but it can be difficult to figure out how to set this up and play using it. This guide explains how to escape a Trial while using the Inner Focus, Residual Manifest, and Overzealous perks.

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How to equip the Inner Focus, Residual Manifest, and Overzealous perks

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These three perks are all the starter perks for Haddie Kaur. If you don’t own this Survivor, you won’t be able to use these perks. You can equip them in the Survivor loadout screen, and Haddie Kaur can use them from level 1 in the Bloodweb. See below for an explanation of each perk.

  • Inner Focus: You can see other Survivors’ scratch marks within 32 meters of your position. The Killer’s aura is revealed to you for 3 seconds whenever a Survivor loses a health state within 32 meters of you.
  • Residual Manifest: Successfully blinding the Killer inflicts the Blindness state on them for 20 seconds. Grants the ability to rummage through an opened chest for a guaranteed basic flashlight once per Trial.
  • Overzealous: After cleansing a totem, generator repair speed is increased by 4%. It deactivates when you lose a health state.

In addition to these perks, we’d recommend going into a Trial with a med-kit if you’re trying to complete a challenge. Otherwise, you might meet your end fairly quickly.

How to use the Inner Focus, Residual Manifest, and Overzealous perks and escape a Trial

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If your main goal is to escape while using these perks, then you need to hide from the Killer and avoid them at all costs. Make sure you walk everywhere as much as possible, because running will leave scratch marks for the Killer to follow. If you hear a heartbeat, hide behind the environment to prevent the Killer from seeing you as they seek out victims.

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The key with this perk loadout is to make the most of the information it gives you. For example, you can see the Killer when a Survivor is injured nearby, so ensure that you’re avoiding them and watching where they run off to before unhooking a Survivor or working on a generator. In addition, you should pause and cleanse any totems you find, so that generator repairs are that much faster. Residual Manifest is a good perk, but using it will put you at risk. If you’re desperate to use it to help your allies, grab the flashlight and shine it at the Killer, but we’d advise avoiding anything unnecessary if your main goal is to escape.

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This loadout may not be what you want to run with in Dead by Daylight, so you’ll probably find that the tactics you’re used to aren’t working. Bringing a med-kit will allow you to heal if you get hit or hooked, and veering away from the center of the map will help you stay out of danger. We found that the best way to use this loadout was to walk around the edges of the map, repairing generators as we went, ending the Trial at one of the gates, so it’s easy to escape. Don’t try to be a hero if this loadout is a hindrance to you — just run.