How to become famous in BitLife

Becoming famous comes with money, power, and respect.

Image via Candywriter

There are multiple routes to becoming famous in BitLife. Some of them are easier than others. You can choose to take on a career to become famous, such as becoming a professional athlete or by a famous singer or musician. Alternatively, you can earn fame by becoming a renowned individual through social media, posting videos for millions of follows to like and view at their leisure.

Depending on the route you take, your fame might last longer than other choices. Before you go down that path, you want to consider a few choices.

Best stats to become famous

You want to make sure that your looks and health stats remain above 90. They need to be as close to 100 as possible throughout most of your life. The higher these traits are, the more likely other people are naturally enjoying your presence, meaning they want to see more of you. It’s a good way for people like you more, giving you more chances to be accepted into groups, have others accept your job offers, and even giving you more opportunities to support you on social media.

Of the two, your looks trait is the hardest to increase. Your character is born attractive, or they won’t be. These are typically hidden stats unless you purchased the God Mode premium mode. You can increase your looks by working out, getting your haircut, or taking yourself through healthy diets. By increasing your looks, you also increase your health. Your health will go down if you have any problems that a doctor could assist you with.

How to become famous

There are several ways to become famous. For those who prefer to be more athletic, you can attempt to join one of the several sports in BitLife and try to enter the big leagues after you graduate high school or college. You’ll be famous while you have this career, and a little after this period, if you play your cards correctly by writing books and doing commercials.

For the more musically talented, you can become a musician or a singer. While looks help being accepted into a band, it primarily helps to have musical talent. You can take multiple music lessons before you graduate high school, and if you reach the highest level with that instrument, a band will likely sign for you to play with them. You’ll be famous throughout your time in the band, and a little after if you continue to play music, write books, or provide commercials.

If you prefer a straightforward route, you can become a famous movie star. You’ll need to first get into the industry by accepting the job as a voice actor. From there, you’ll need to work hard and then become an actor, and if you continue to play your cards right, with a lot of luck, you can become a movie star starring in multiple roles that pay top dollar to have your face on the big screen.

The easiest method to becoming famous is to become a social media influencer. You can do this by joining any of the social media outlets in BitLife, and posting to those every day, interacting with your followers. The more your post and interact with your fan base, the more famous you’ll become. It takes a bit to become famous worldwide.

Overall, make sure your looks and health stats are as high as possible and find a route that fits your character. These routes don’t work for every character you make, so try to recognize what works for them earlier rather than later.