How to fill the Laceration Meter on Survivors as The Trickster in Dead by Daylight

Bring the beats.


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The Trickster is a stylish but difficult Killer to master in Dead by Daylight. Its standard attack is easy to get to grips with, but its throwing knives transform the game into a first person shooter with what can feel like incredibly inaccurate projectiles. That’s why we’ve put together this guide for how to fill the Laceration Meter on Survivors as The Trickster, so you don’t miss a single shot.

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How to fill the Laceration Meter on Survivors

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Laceration Meter is the purplish circle that fills the outer edge of a Survivor’s portrait in a Trial as you hit them with throwing knives. The more hits you land, the fuller the Laceration Meter grows. Once filled, the Survivor will be injured, and if they’re already in the Injured state, they’ll enter the Dying state. If you’re trying to do this for a Daily Ritual or Tome challenge, filling the Laceration Meter once, regardless of whether it injures or downs a Survivor, will count towards your progression.

The only issue you’ll have with filling the Laceration Meter is landing hits with throwing knives on Survivors. First, you need to hold down the ranged attack button, then use the basic attack button to start throwing projectiles. You can either tap the button to fire single knives or hold it down to fire a continuous stream of them. We found it easier to hold the button down because it creates a barrage of attacks that will eventually hit the Survivor you’re aiming for.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Aiming at Survivors is the hardest part of building the Laceration Meter. Try to keep the Survivor in the middle of your field of vision. Throw the knives with your head tilted down a little because that’s how you keep them flying straight and directly ahead of you. Follow Survivors as you would in any chase, but use those throwing knives to down them, then you can hook them and leave them for The Entity. If you run out of knives, head to the nearest locker and open it to stock up.