How to find and defeat Longma in Blox Fruits

Conquer Longma and claim the Tushita Sword

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Blox Fruits is a popular Roblox game that offers players the chance to explore different seas, fight dangerous bosses, and acquire powerful weapons and abilities. One of the most rewarding bosses in the game is Longma, a level 2,000 boss that uses the Tushita sword. This Blox Fruits guide will tell you how to find and defeat Longma in Blox Fruits.

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Where to find Longma

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Longma is located on the Floating Turtle island, behind a door near the Previous Hero, the NPC who gives you quests. You must complete the torch puzzle in the Third Sea to access the room where Longma is. Once you’ve solved the puzzle, the door will unlock, allowing you to enter Longma’s room. It’s important to note that Longma only spawns every 40 minutes, so you may need to sever hop if someone has already killed him.

How to defeat Longma 

Before facing Longma, it’s important to make sure your character is properly equipped and leveled up. You should have a high level of fruit and equipment that increases your damage and defense. A high level of observation haki is also recommended, as it will help you avoid some of Longma’s attacks. Additionally, work with a team to make the fight easier.

Longma is a fast boss, so using your special attacks wisely is important. Try to time your attacks when Longma is vulnerable, and be prepared to dodge his attacks when he charges at you. Coordinating with your team can also help keep Longma off balance.

Longma has very low HP compared to most bosses, making him good for soloing quickly and then server hopping. Due to his health, we would recommend grinding bounty from him. You will receive a 50,000 bounty and the Tushita sword upon defeating him.