How to interrogate criminals in Gotham Knights

Ready to make someone talk?

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There are multiple crimes happening throughout Gotham in Gotham Knights, and tracking those leads down can be a handful. Luckily, the Bat Family in Gotham Knights know how to make criminals talk, and they’re some of the best resources to learn what’s going on in the city and narrow down where to find crime. Here’s what you need to know about interrogating criminals in Gotham Knights.

How interrogating criminals works in Gotham Knights

There are two ways you can go about interrogating a criminal. The first, most straightforward way is to sneak up behind an enemy to grab them. While you have them grabbed, you’ll have the option to interrogate them if they know any information. If you choose to do this, you’ll learn the information you need to know about an upcoming crime, and then your character will swiftly knock them out, eliminating them as a threat.

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The alternative is to engage the enemy in combat. Should you do this, you’ll need to lower their health to a point you can grab them. After your character grabs the criminal, you’ll have the chance to interrogate them, similar to if you were to sneak up behind them and grab them. Both methods come with the same result, but sneaking up on a criminal might be easier than trying to grab and interrogate them in the middle of combat. We recommend taking the stealthy approach to grab the information between the two options.

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You’ll need to find criminals who have information, though. You can do this by exploring the map and finding small white triangles, indicating locations where criminals are performing nefarious activities, and there will be someone who has information there. Before attacking the group, make sure to highlight them using your AR to identify the criminal who is the informant, indicated by the white triangle on top of their head.

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