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How to find Leather Jacket in Sons of the Forest

A new jacket for winter.

Sons of the Forest has different clothes that you can acquire for your character and companions. These can be found at multiple spots across the island. However, there are a few you must get as soon as possible, and the Leather Jacket is one of them. To help you acquire it, here is what you need to know about how to find the Leather Jacket in Sons of the Forest.

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Where to find the Leather Jacket in Sons of the Forest

Unlike most of the other items in Sons of the Forest, the Leather Jacket can be found at different spots. One location is a cave on the beach to the northwest side of the island, and you can see its exact location in the image below. Just like the cave from where you can find the Shovel, this one is also filled with mutants. Therefore, make sure to prepare in advance by acquiring the Pistol or the Katana. While going through the cave, you need to stay on the right side. After a while, you’ll find a hanging corpse. The jacket be found next to it on the ceiling.

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If you don’t want to explore a cave and fight mutants just for a jacket, then you can make your way to the southwest side of the island, the location seen in the image below. Here, you will find the Leather Jacket on a corpse inside a crashed plane. Don’t worry, there are no enemies nearby, so you can pick up the jacket without going through a fight.

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It is important to note that the Leather Jacket isn’t just for cosmetic purposes. Instead, it can help you survive winter. When this season arrives, the cold weather can negatively affect your character. Because of this, you need to keep him warm at all times. The Leather Jacket is perfect for this situation, as it can keep your character from losing stamina, just like the Winter Jacket. To equip it, you just need to open your inventory and select it from there.

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