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How to survive winter in Sons of the Forest

Things will get harsh.

Sons of the Forest will put you through different seasons, including winter. While some people might think that the game gets fun when winter arrives, it is actually quite the opposite. In winter, you need to adapt to new methods to survive, as the cold weather will take a toll on your character. Therefore, to help you out, we’ve put together a guide on how to survive winter in Sons of the Forest.

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How to survive the winter season in Sons of the Forest

Find the Winter Jacket

The first thing you need to get immediately after winter starts is the Winter Jacket. While other outfits in the game are designed for cosmetic purposes, this jacket is made from materials that can keep your character warm as you explore the forest. To get it, you must go southwest and find a campsite near a river. This campsite has two abandoned tents, and you will find the jacket inside one of them. To equip it, you just need to access your inventory.

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Build a Drying Rack

In winter, it will be difficult for you to find animals. Even if you place Animal Traps at multiple spots, you won’t be able to catch plenty of them. Therefore, you need to prepare in advance for the winter season. For this, we suggest you build a Drying Rack inside your base and hang some meat on it to preserve it. If you’re already in winter, you can put up a leg or arm of a cannibal on the Drying Rack and eat it after a day. Make sure to collect as much meat as possible, as you’ll need plenty of food to survive the winter.

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Improve your defense

You won’t be the only one annoyed by the harsh conditions of winter, as cannibals will also become more aggressive. This means you’ll need to stay extra cautious while exploring the forest. But the worrying part is that the cannibals will start visiting your base more often, so make sure you build defensive walls around it. Furthermore, it will be wise to place Lookout Towers at each corner of the base to spot enemies from a safe distance.

Store some water

Almost every water source is frozen in winter, so you need to look for streams coming out from frozen lakes and rivers. As this can’t get a bit difficult, you should build a Flask using the 3D Printer and store some water in it. This way, you won’t have to worry about finding water streams every now and then.

Use a Torch

As the cold weather can have a negative effect on your character, you need to keep them warm at all times. For this, you need to create a Torch and keep it in your hands while exploring. The heat coming from the Torch will keep your character warm, and you’ll be able to explore with ease. Don’t worry; crafting the Torch is pretty simple, as you just need a piece of stick and cloth.

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