How to find pumpkins in Dead by Daylight

Smashing pumpkins in Dead by Daylight.

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For the Haunted by Daylight Halloween event in Dead by Daylight, there are multiple ways for you to earn several cosmetics for your favorite characters. These cosmetics are available for a limited time, and you will need to work through a handful of tasks and challenges to earn them. One of these tasks will have you smashing pumpkins while you attempt to elude the Killer or hunt down the Survivors. Here’s what you need to know about how to find pumpkins in Dead by Daylight.

Where to find pumpkins in Dead by Daylight

The pumpkins are scattered throughout the map, similar to the Unstable Rifts introduced for this event. The pumpkins are a bit more difficult to find because they will not respawn after a player smashes them. Once they’re gone, you will need to wait for the trial to end to find them in another match, or you will need to be the first person to locate these items and smash them.

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Because of how limited these items are in Dead by Daylight, if your goal is to smash them for a specific challenge during the Haunted by Daylight event, going out of your way to find them will be your primary goal. If you’re a Killer, it’s a much easier time to locate them because you do not have to worry about another player attempting to stop you. If you’re a Survivor, you need to be wary of avoiding the Killer who might take you out along the way.

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When you find a pumpkin, approach the item and interact with it. You’ll have an option to smash it after a short period of time. The animation takes a few seconds to go through, which as a Survivor, leaves you vulnerable for a few seconds. Again, if you can’t find any on the map, you may need to wait for the next game to find them again.