How to find Purple Glyphs in Dead by Daylight

Track this glyph down.

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The Purple Glyph is one of several you can find while playing Dead by Daylight. You will find it while attempting to complete your trial, which means you will have to contend with it while attempting to evade the Killer or locate the Survivors before they escape. The Purple Glyph is a Killer, meaning you will need to complete it while attempting to play as the Killer. This guide covers how you can find the Purple Glyphs during a Dead by Daylight game.

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Where to find Purple Glyphs in Dead By Daylight

Before you can work on this challenge, we recommend making sure you have it equipped on your Tome. If you do not, you will not be able to work on or find the Purple Glyph while playing a Trial.

Unlike other Glyphs you’ll encounter in Dead by Daylight, the Purple Glyph will move around the map. You will need to track it down to complete this challenge. Thankfully, the Glyph does leave behind a distinct purple ooze that you can see on the ground, giving you an idea of where you’re going to need to go in the match. If you don’t see the purple ooze on the ground, it might be a good idea to focus on taking down the Survivors and cleaning the generators.

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You will need to follow the ooze to locate the Glyph. You should see it when you get within at least four meters of the Glyph’s range, and it will take you two seconds to interact with it to complete the challenge. If you move within two meters of the Purple Glyph, it will stop moving, so you want to make sure to get in close to prevent it from escaping you.

However, if you’re having trouble finding the Purple Glyph, we recommend focusing on the objectives of taking down Survivors and hooking them. A Killer can see the Purple Glyph aura for several seconds after they hook a Survivor.