How to find rabbits in Fallout 76 – All rabbit locations

Rabbits are hard to spot.

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There are many creatures that you can find throughout Appalachia in Fallout 76. While most of the creatures in the game are hostile, there are a few that are friendly or actively try to avoid you. Rabbits, for instance, are one of the few animals in the game that won’t attack you on sight and will instead run away. These animals are hard to find but are needed to complete some of the challenges in the game. This guide will show you how to find Rabbits in Fallout 76.

Rabbit spawn locations in Fallout 76

Thanks to the overwhelming number of larger creatures like wolves and mirelurks roaming the wasteland, it may seem rather difficult to find smaller creatures like rabbits. If you have checked the challenges on a daily basis, you may have seen one that asks you to hunt down a rabbit or even take a picture of one. You might have even gone through the entire game without realizing that rabbits are in Appalachia and they survived the bombs falling.

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Rabbits can be found in a large number of areas around Appalachia, mainly in the forest region. Unfortunately, they don’t spawn very often and they are difficult to spot when they do spawn. Luckily, there are a few areas where you can reliably find rabbits throughout the wasteland. Check the following areas for rabbits:

  • Whitespring Resort – A rabbit can reliably be found in the wooded area near the service entrance
  • Wendigo Cave – One rabbit can be found between the Wendigo Cave and the Central Mountain Lookout

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Outside of those areas, there are a few events that typically have rabbits spawn. One such event is Graham’s Meat Cook. This event will have you hunting down various animals and collecting their meat. There are also rabbits that will spawn during the Fasnacht Day event. Remember to keep your eyes on the ground and to pay close attention. Rabbits are very small and can easily be overlooked if you aren’t paying attention.