How to Find Rollers in LEGO Fortnite

Tracking down Rollers can take some time in LEGO Fortnite, and this guide helps you find and defeat them to get the Rollers’ shell.

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There are multiple creatures you can find while exploring LEGO Fortnite, each with distinct resources and helpful materials you can bring back to your base. A creature you’ll want to find early on is called the Roller, and its shell is exceptionally helpful.

Tracking down Rollers can be tricky, and it’s even more difficult to try defeating them if you’re not well prepared. Finding them is the hard part, and that’ll be your main task while exploring your world, especially if you want some early upgrades to your village. Here’s what you need to know about how to find Rollers in LEGO Fortnite.

What are Rollers in LEGO Fortnite?

Rollers are small crab-like critters made of stone. They can be hard to spot as they typically look like an ordinary rock, but you’ll know you’ve spotted one when it comes rolling at you. Rollers are pretty aggressive and will attack you on sight, whether it’s by rolling at you or it’s with their frontward pincers. Being made of stone, they can be tough to take down, and if you’re not careful, Rollers can do a lot of damage.

Where to Find Rollers in LEGO Fortnite

A roller on a green hill in LEGO fortnite
Screenshot by Gamepur

You can find Rollers in the grassy plains close to the base of Snowy Mountains. They’re likely all over the place in a variety of other Biomes with other forms of Rollers as well, but this is where I first managed to locate them. Either way, no matter where you find them, rollers seem to like rolling around the hills and are fairly aggressive.

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Try to track down anything with a hill whenever you’re looking for a roller in LEGO Fortnite. Rollers love to, well…roll around, and hills have been prime locations for tracking down Rollers. You won’t have to go too far, either. If you see some stone orbs rolling towards you, you’ve tracked down a Roller. Just watch out—they can be fairly dangerous.

Now, the next thing you’ll need to do is defeat the Roller, and you’ll be able to loot a Roller Shell that you can bring back to your village.

How to Defeat Rollers and Get a Roller Shell in LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite screenshot of a roller shell in the player's inventory.
Screenshot by Gamepur

The best way to defeat Rollers in LEGO Fortnite is to attack it with a shortsword. You can make a shortsword using the Lumber Mill, one of the starting crafting recipes you will learn for your village. With the Lumber Mill, you can create rods, which you’ll need five of to craft the shortsword. Taking down a Roller should be easier once you have your shortsword in hand.

Techinically, you can go up against a Roller in LEGO Fortnite with only an ax and a pickax. But you’ll have a better time fighting one with a shortsword. You’ll still need to dip and dodge the Roller as it comes at you, but the sword will give you a little extra attack power to make getting the Roller’s Shell much easier.

Other weapons will perform better as you progress through the game, but if your main priority is finding a Roller Shell, a shortsword is the perfect weapon to get you started.

How to Use the Roller Shell in LEGO Fortnite

Once you have the Roller Shell, you will be able to complete some additional crafting recipes that are required to upgrade your village and further expand your time in your LEGO Fortnite world. You can then begin upgrading your village to make it a better place for everyone who visits.

LEGO Fortnite screenshot of the health charm crafting recipe in the workbench menu.
Screenshot by Gamepur

One of the starting recipes you can use the Roller Shell on is the Health Charm. This charm is a great way to enhance your maximum health, making it more difficult for enemies to defeat you in LEGO Fortnite. You’ll want to do this before you make your way to exploring caves, or trying to take on the tougher enemies that you can explore in other locations in your LEGO Fortnite world.

You’ll also need Roller Shells to upgrade your workbench. In particular, you’ll need three Roller Shells and eight planks for your first workbench upgrade, which will then allow you to craft more and better gear. To upgrade your workbench a second time, you’ll next need shells from a Desert Roller.