How to Get the Free Lego Insider Fortnite Skin Explorer Emilie

Fortnite players can get a free skin through the Lego Insiders program, but they’ll need to link all their accounts first.

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Lego Fortnite is a completely new game mode for players to enjoy in the game they already know and love. As part of the launch of this collaboration, players are able to get a free Lego Insiders Fortnite skin to use across each mode if they link up their accounts.

Fortnite is packed with skins and cosmetics that players have been eliminating each other to unlock over the course of the game’s entire lifespan. Most are rewards for competing quests in battle royale, but some have been part of crossover events, and a few select skins have even been free. The Lego Insiders Fortnite skin is completely free for all Fortnite players, provided they go through the process of linking certain accounts together.

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How Do I Get the Free Lego Insider Skin in Fortnite?

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To get the free Lego Insiders Fortnite skin Explorer Emilie, players must create a Lego Insiders account and link it to their Epic Games account. All players will have an Epic Games account because that’s what they use to log into Fortnite. Those who already have a Lego Insiders account can simply link that account to their existing Epic Games account to accomplish the same goal.

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To link a Lego Insiders Account to an Epic Games account, players must visit the Lego website and log into their account or create a new one if they don’t have one. Once logged in, players then need to search for the Lego Fortnite page and follow the instructions there.

This will take players to the Epic Game’s login page, where they can use their details to log in and link their account to their Lego Insiders profile. The easiest way to do this, and the one we ended up using, is to sign into the Epic Games website and visit the Connect Apps Page directly. This page lists LEGO Insiders as an account that can be linked, making the whole process much easier.

When Will I Get the Free Lego Insiders Fortnite Skin Explorer Emilie?

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The free Lego Insiders Fortnite skin Explorer Emilie was released on December 7, 2023. Players need to link their Lego Insiders and Epic Games accounts to get the skin, and the skin will appear in their account now that date has passed. This was because the code for the skin was released the LEGO Fortnite game mode, and this skin is a celebration of that new crafting survival game coming to Fortnite. It also comes with two Styles for players to enjoy.

If players still don’t have their free Lego Insiders Fortnite skin Explorer Emilie, they should contact Epic Games and double check that they’ve linked the right accounts together. We struggled to link our Epic Games account because it uses details from out other console marketplace accounts.