How to find Super Mutant Behemoths in Fallout 76

Large and in charge.

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The wastelands of Fallout 76 are filled with various enemies that are both big and small. Each of the foes you find along your journey through Appalachia will pose a significant threat so you best be on your guard. One of the strongest enemies in Appalachia is the dreaded Super Mutant Behemoth. These monstrosities are Super Mutants that grew to an enormous size and can easily take you out if you aren’t paying attention. This guide will show you how to find Super Mutant Behemoths in Fallout 76.

Super Mutant Behemoth locations in Fallout 76

Despite being very large, Super Mutant Behemoths aren’t the easiest foes to find and are far more difficult to track down than their smaller Super Mutant counterparts. There are only a few spots where Super Mutant Behemoths can spawn on the map. Some of the spawn locations for these beasts aren’t guaranteed so you may find yourself searching for quite some time before finding one.

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If you don’t happen to find a Super Mutant Behemoth, you can stick around and wait for one to spawn or server hop until one appears in the location you are searching. The following areas are where you can find Super Mutant Behemoths:

  • Solomon’s Lower Pond – You are guaranteed to find a Super Mutant Behemoth in the middle of the pond.
  • Whitespring Resort – A Super Mutant Behemoth can occasionally spawn at the gate and challenge the robots protecting the resort.
  • Abandoned Bog Town – A Super Mutant Behemoth can spawn between Abandoned Bog Town and Pylon V-13.

These are all of the spawn locations for Super Mutant Behemoths. As you can tell, there is only one guaranteed spawn location on the map where you can find one of these large enemies.

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You can find more guaranteed Super Mutant Behemoths during the Primal Cuts event that happens during Meat Week. A Super Mutant Behemoth is guaranteed to spawn as the boss of the Primal Cuts event whenever it takes place in the Cranberry Bog section of the map. No other event can spawn a behemoth so make sure you keep this in mind. You can also fight Blackburn who is a named Super Mutant Behemoth as part of the Catalyst quest.