How to find the Ashika Power Plant for DMZ in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

Reach the power plant and get inside.

Image via Activision

The Ashika Power Plant is a specific location you can find while playing a DMZ match in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0. You’re likely looking for this location to find a particular piece of Crown Intel for the Muddy Waters quest. Unfortunately, the site is not pointed out to you on the map, which means tracking it down can be challenging. This guide covers how to find the Ashika Power Plant for DMZ in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0.

Where to find the Ashika Power Plant in DMZ

The Power Plant is close to the island’s center of Ashika, but you don’t have to venture too close to Tsuki Castle to find it, avoiding some of the game’s more dangerous and hostile NPCs. Instead, you want to go northwest of the island, and you should see a building that is a stronghold at this position. This is the Ashika Power Plant you need to find.

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Because this location is a stronghold, the only way to enter it is to find a Stronghold Keycard. These can drop from taking down High Value Targets on Ashika Island or Al Mazrah and using them on the door. Alternatively, if you earn enough money, there could be Stronghold Keycards for you to purchase at a buy station, or they might drop from random NPCs you encounter on the island. There are several ways to earn these keycards, but the buy stations and High Value Target missions are likely your best options.

Once inside the Power Plant, you can find the Crown Intel. It should be on the second floor, on the ground, and it will be a pile of documents called “Legion Deal Intel.” Pick those up and exfil from the DMZ map, and you can complete the Muddy Waters quest.