How to complete the Muddy Waters mission for DMZ in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

Find every piece of hidden intel on Ashika Island.

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The Muddy Waters mission is the final Tier 1 Story mission for the Legion faction featured on the DMZ playlist for Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0. This mission takes you throughout Ashika Island to find key intel points throughout the area, and you’ll need to extract these pieces of information. If you fail, you’ll need to try grabbing them again. This guide covers how to complete the Muddy Waters mission and all intel locations for DMZ in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0.

All Muddy Water intel locations in DMZ

There are three pieces of intel you need to find on Ashika Island. We recommend breaking up each section of this mission into different objectives, giving you more chances to complete them rather than do them in a complete loop. However, those in larger groups might have more success doing this than players who do it alone.

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How to find and extract the Shadow Company USB stick from Ashika Island Beach Club

The first piece of intel is the Shadow Company USB stick, and you can find it on the southern part of the map. You need to head to the Beach Club on the southwest part of the island and reach the observatory. This is a location between the Beach Club and Port Ashika. When you get it, do not go inside. Instead, go on the outside, and dive into the water.

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You want to head down into the water and search for a broken window leading into the bottom part of the observatory. This is a flooded location, so try to reach the center and head upstairs to get some air. Head down, look for a tool chest in the water, and you’ll find the Shadow Company USB stick inside it.

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How to find and extract the Ashika Island intel from the underground Waterway

The second intel location is much harder to find and reach. You can locate it beneath Ashika Island, in the Waterway. The best way to reach this location is at Port Ashika, where you will find a handful of guards protecting the entrance to the waterways. We don’t recommend heading down into this location unless you’re heavily armored, as you’ll find some of the toughest enemy encounters inside this site.

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When you reach this point, stick to the right side of the wall, and descend until you get the larger area and pass the Waterway dead drop. Continue heading in this direction until you reach the gray container, and the Ashika Island intel should be inside this container, on the floor.

How to find the Crown Intel from the Ashika power plant

The final piece of intel is one you can find at the Ashika power plant. This is an unmarked location to the northwest of Tsuki Castle. This is a stronghold, which means you’ll need to find a Stronghold Keycard to unlock it. We recommend taking down a High Value Target mission or purchasing one from a buy station if available.

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When you get into the power plant, clear it out and eliminate all hostiles from the location. You then need to make your way upstairs into the control room, and you should have documents somewhere on the floor that are the Crown Intel documents.

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Once you have that, retreat from the area and Exil from the DMZ map to complete this part of the Muddy Waters mission.