How to find the Temple of Quechula in Forza Horizon 5

Find an abandoned piece of Mexican history.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Forza Horizon 5 is situated in the Baja California region of Mexico. The Forza Horizon 5 map included a number of structures and areas that one would find in the real world, including the Temple of Quechula. The Temple of Quechula is an abandoned Roman Catholic church in Mexico, and what’s interesting is that this church actually sits within a river. Is that a hint for where it can be found in FH5? It is, but let’s tell you the exact location.

To find the Temple of Quechula, you will need to go to the southern part of the map. The area of interest is south of Cordillera, and it’s called the Sierra Verde Dam. This dam is right in the nearby river, and to landmark it, you’ll want to go right to the north of where the Super7 entry location is on the map.

Now, we should note that if you try to drive into the river, the car will sink and the game will force you to respawn. Instead, you will need to drive onto a piece of land that is to the northwest of the Super7 icon. The spot, by the way, is right above the square icon that is above the Sierra Verde Dam sign.

Here’s a better look on the map:

Screenshot by Gamepur

You will need to find this location in order to complete a number of Accolades, including one that will allow you to complete the Horizon Festival Mexico Outpost section of the Festival Accolades. Drive on this piece of land, and you will complete those Accolades.