How to fish in Coral Island

Everyone’s favorite pastime in farming games.

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Fishing is one of the most beloved activities in any farming game. It’s calming and it’s a fun way to pass the time. In Coral Island, you can fish to your heart’s content. However, fishing in this game works a bit differently and you can’t start fishing right away. So the question is, how can you fish in Coral Island?

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How to get the fishing rod in Coral Island

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Much like the bug’s net, you won’t be getting the fishing rod at the very start of the game. Instead, you’ll be getting it on Day 3 of Spring in Year 1 from Eleanor and Sunny. When you wake up that day, you’ll get a piece of mail from them asking you to come to the Beach Shack to get gifts from them. Those gifts are the aforementioned bug’s net and fishing rod. Both of these are just basic tools, but they’ll get the job done.

How fishing works in Coral Island

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To cast your line, all you need to do is hold down the left mouse button and then release. You’ll notice that when holding down the button, you’ll have a meter. How long you hold down the mouse button will determine how far your line goes out. After casting your line, you’re going to have to play the waiting game. A fish, which is represented by a black shadow, can appear very quickly or take forever to show up. When a fish does pop up, it will nibble on your line and then eventually bite. When it does, the next phase of fishing will begin.

Unlike in other games where all you have to do is press a particular button at the correct catch the fish, Coral Island fishing gameplay works differently. A bar will appear with a fish inside it. You need to get the progress bar all the way to the check mark to successfully catch the fish. However, at the top and bottom of the check mark are squiggle lines. These squiggle lines represent your line’s current health. If these squiggle lines reach the ends of the bar, it will break. The line will break faster if you try to reel the fish in when it’s thrashing around or if you’re reeling in too much. To regain health, you have to stop reeling.

We found a lot of success in doing very little reeling when the fish is thrashing because if you don’t do anything, the fish will get away. You also gain a lot of progress when the fish is calm and the line won’t break as much when the fish is in this state. Once you’ve successfully caught the fish, you’ll gain information about it like what kind of fish it is and its size.