How to fix error code 34202 in Diablo IV

Servers must be down.

Image via Blizzard

The Diablo IV early access beta has players clamoring over each other to test out the upcoming title. Whether you preordered the game months ago, or just ate a lovely chicken sandwich from KFC, you are going to want to get into the game as fast as possible. Being a Blizzard beta, there are obviously going to be hiccups in the servers during testing. The developers even warned us of this going into the weekend. Error 34202 is a common problem for people logging into the beta. Let’s go over what error 34202 is in Diablo IV and how to fix it.

What is code 34202 in Diablo 4?

Error 34202 can show up when fans try to access the Diablo IV beta, and naturally, you are here wondering if you can get around it and join in on the slaughter of Lilith’s minions. Error 34202 is a server error that states that the game servers are not available. This is extremely blunt, and it essentially means that the servers are bogged down and currently offline or overloaded because of high traffic.

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Can you fix error code 34202 in Diablo IV?

Errors like code 34202 are almost always on the server side, which means that there is likely no solution to the problem other than waiting it out. The beta is extremely popular, and a lot of people are accessing it at once. Later in the evening or in the early morning is the best time to log on to not encounter errors, especially when ones like this halt access.

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Some players believe that restarting the game or their launcher will get them through the error. Retrying over and over is essentially the only method for getting through authentication errors. Eventually, you will usually triumph.