Fortnite: How to Fix The “Failed to Download Supervised Settings” Error

The Failed to Download Supervise Settings error in Fortnite is common, but there are a few ways to bypass this error.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite is one of few live services titles that rarely deals with major bugs or outages, though this does not mean it is perfect all the time. For instance, one small issue players have encountered is an error at the game’s title screen that reads, “failed to download supervised setting.”

Although those affected by the bug may check for updates to no avail, this problem is actually caused entirely by a different matter. Here’s how to resolve Fortnite’s Failed to Download Supervised Settings error message.

What is The “Failed to Download Supervised Settings” Error in Fortnite?

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The “failed to download supervised setting” message mainly appears when your platform is having trouble connecting to Fortnite servers. Though, this is not due to a server outage. The cause behind it is the application itself, and there are a few potential solutions that have been known to exterminate the error message for good.

Oddly enough, one fix for the bug is heading to your console or PC settings, turning off the internet connection, and then turning it back on again. As you will be offline temporarily, we recommend pausing any ongoing downloads beforehand, as abruptly shutting off internet features can cause any files being installed to become corrupt. Once you are back online, you can see if the error message is gone from the application.

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If the issue persists, your next best option is to perform a full shutdown of your platform. It may even be worthwhile to remove the power cable for a short time after to ensure it is completely off. This will close every application running, hopefully removing the bug from Fortnite. It is advised players also check Epic Games’ server status page, as it indicates every active error and how they are affecting the game.

Turning off your machine is a more dramatic solution, but it’s been proven by several Fortnite players that this is the best way to tackle this particular problem. It appears to be an issue with your PC’s internet connection with the Epic Games servers, and giving them a break is a good idea. Going through a standard power cycle for your machine seems the best way to root out this problem, but make sure to reach out to the Epic Games support team if the problem persists to see if they can help you further.